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We take care of your family

When children are involved in the dispute, you want to make the best decision for them. Whether you are fighting for visitation or child support, we can help.


We provide you with compassion and understanding for tough legal matters.

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Protect your family during difficult times

Family legal issues are one of the most difficult situations to overcome. Whether it is will and estate matters or separation and divorce, when decisions need to be made often emotions can cloud your judgment. Allow our experienced lawyer provide you with advice.

Choose a lawyer who has over 30 years of experience handling family legal issues of all types.


Power of attorney


We offer a relaxing and comfortable environment for all your legal troubles.

Some of our legal services include:


 •  Living trusts

 •  Irrevocable asset protection trusts

 •  Trusts for lifetime gifts for children

 •  Spousal support

 •  Visitation rights

 •  Dissolution of marriage

 •  Child custody

 •  Asset division

 •  Family disputes